Westwood Instruments Lost Synth (KONTAKT)

Westwood Instruments Lost Synth (KONTAKT)

Vintage Synths Reimagined An expansive collection of carefully curated sounds created from a selection of rare analog synths. From classics like the Juno 60 and Polysix to more unusual models like the Logan String Melody II and Arp Odyssey. Everything is re-sampled using guitar pedals and tape.

Lost Synth is a journey of exploration, where everything sounds enticingly unfamiliar and nothing quite like you remember.
Our first true out-of-house collaboration. Matt Peel and Tom Orrell from The Nave recording studio, took over the artistic reigns for this project. 


  • Atmospheric Synth Sounds:
  • Curated collection of atmospheric and evocative synth patches.
  • Designed to inspire creativity and add depth to compositions.
  • Sampled Textures:
  • Recorded and sampled textures and soundscapes for organic and ethereal sonic elements.
  • Captures a range of tonalities and timbres suitable for ambient, cinematic, and experimental music.
  • Layered Patches:
  • Layered patches that blend different sounds and textures to create rich and complex sonic landscapes.
  • Offers a balance of warmth, depth, and character in each preset.
  • Modulation and Effects:
  • Built-in modulation and effects controls for shaping and manipulating the sound.
  • Includes parameters for filter cutoff, resonance, envelope modulation, and more.

System Requirements:

  • Publisher : Westwood Instruments
  • Format : Lost Synth
  • Quality : 24 bit 48 kHz stereo
  • Size : 3.44 GB

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