Tracktion Software & Outersect Modeler v1.2.1 STANDALONE, VSTi3, AAX x64

Outersect Modeler is a pure modeling synthesizer designed to recreate all the expressiveness and nuance of acoustic and electro-acoustic instruments.

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Rethinking Physics Modeling
Outersect Modeler goes beyond traditional synthesizers, giving you an unprecedented level of realism and expressiveness. From the subtle nuances of a violin bow to the screaming tones of an electric guitar, every sonic detail is carefully crafted, allowing musicians and producers to create a variety of realistic sounds

Absolute expression
Modeler sounds and behaves like a physical instrument. It realistically jumps through harmonics like a flute, provides controlled harmonic feedback like an electric guitar, growls like a saxophone, and sings like a violin. It offers the player so many different ways to play the same note that it is impossible to try them all. It feels organic and alive, creating wonderful sonic surprises and happy accidents. This gives the player a unique experience. Play for yourself and find out!

User interface
Modeler’s user interface is surprisingly simple considering how powerful it is. Modeling parameters refer to easily understood properties and playing techniques of real instruments, rather than mathematical abstractions. The synthesis interface fits onto one page and allows the user to modulate any knob from any source with two clicks.

Fine-tune preset content
Outersect sound sets, provided by the model’s developer, have been refined for production and live performances over the years. Leading sounds can hold the listener’s full attention, taking center stage in a piece of music, just as a vocal, an electric guitar solo, or a violin solo can. String instrument patches use unique performance features that allow players with standard MIDI controllers to realistically imitate string idioms such as hammering and plucking. Flute sounds support tongue blowing and fluttering techniques. The sounds of the saxophone can be growling.

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