Togu Audio Line TAL-J-8 1.8.2 VSTi, VSTi 3, AAX, CLAP x64

As with other developments, Patrick Kunz of TAL Software has reproduced exactly how the original tool works. As Kunz points out, aside from MPE support, the new TAL-J-8 doesn’t have a lot of advanced features compared to the Arturia Jup-8 and Roland Zenology Pro.

Despite the release of the new product, TAL Software has not yet published videos demonstrating the capabilities. No audio files or additional presets were found on the developers’ website either.

Features of TAL-J-8 1.8.2

  • Authentic Jupiter-8 Emulation: TAL-J-8 faithfully recreates the sound and behavior of the Roland Jupiter-8, one of the most revered analog synthesizers of all time.
  • Dual Oscillators: The synthesizer features two analog-modeled oscillators per voice, offering classic waveforms such as saw, square, triangle, and pulse
  • Flexible Modulation: TAL-J-8 includes a comprehensive modulation matrix, allowing users to route various modulation sources, such as LFOs and envelopes, to different parameters
  • High-Quality Filters: The plugin boasts accurately modeled filters that replicate the distinctive sound of the Jupiter-8’s low-pass and high-pass filters
  • Polyphonic and Monophonic Modes: TAL-J-8 supports both polyphonic and monophonic playing modes, making it suitable for a wide range of musical applications
  • Integrated Effects: The synthesizer comes with built-in effects, including chorus, reverb, and delay, which enhance the analog sound engine and add depth and space to your patches

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