SoundGhost Drift v1.0.0 WIN/MAC VST3, AU x64

SoundGhost Drift v1.0.0 WIN/MAC VST3, AU x64

SoundGhost Drift v1.0.0 introduces a groundbreaking plugin designed to transport your audio productions into new sonic dimensions. Crafted by SoundGhost, this innovative tool offers a dynamic approach to sound manipulation, providing musicians, producers, and sound designers with a versatile platform for creative experimentation. Whether you’re seeking subtle sonic enhancements or bold sonic transformations, Drift delivers unparalleled control and flexibility to shape your sound with precision and finesse. Let’s uncover the features and capabilities that make Drift a game-changer in the world of audio processing.


  • Adds natural drift and modulation to audio signals, creating an organic and evolving sound.
  • Perfect for adding subtle variations to static sounds or creating dynamic movement in audio tracks.
  • Various modulation sources such as LFOs and envelopes for shaping the drift characteristics.
  • Depth and rate controls allow precise adjustment of modulation intensity and speed.
  • Randomization parameters to introduce unpredictable variations for a more natural and dynamic sound.
  • Control the range and behavior of randomization to suit different audio sources.
  • Built-in filter and EQ modules to shape the frequency content of the drifted signal.
  • Fine-tune the tonal balance and timbre of the audio with filter cutoff and EQ bands.

System Requirements:

  • Version : 1.0.0
  • Developer : SoundGhost
  • Format : VST3, AU
  • Bit depth : 64bit
  • System requirements :
    ☑ WIN 8+
    ☑ macOS 10.12+
  • Size : 17.8 MB

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