Prominy SR5 Rock Bass 2 v2.0.4

Prominy SR5 Rock Bass 2 v2.0.4 offers a comprehensive and realistic 5-string bass guitar sound, making it an essential tool for musicians, producers, and sound designers looking to integrate powerful and authentic bass tones into their digital audio projects. Its advanced features and intuitive interface make it a versatile and valuable addition to any virtual instrument collection.

  • High-Quality Samples: Features meticulously recorded samples of a classic 5-string bass guitar, capturing its rich tonal characteristics and nuances.
  • Multiple Articulations: Includes a variety of playing techniques such as sustains, mutes, hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, and harmonics to ensure realistic performances.
  • Realistic Playability: Advanced scripting and performance modes, including intelligent legato, dynamic picking, and realistic vibrato, make the instrument feel and respond like a real bass guitar.
  • Tone Shaping Tools: Offers built-in amp simulations, EQ, compression, and other effects to shape the bass tone within the KONTAKT interface.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive controls and a customizable interface make it easy to adjust settings and create the desired sound.
  • Articulation Switching: Easily switch between different playing techniques using key switches or MIDI controllers.
  • Groove Creation: Built-in groove player with a collection of pre-recorded bass lines and riffs, suitable for a variety of musical styles.


  • Music Production: Ideal for adding authentic 5-string bass parts to various genres, especially rock, metal, funk, and pop.
  • Film and Game Scoring: Perfect for creating powerful and dynamic bass tracks for film, TV, and video game scores.
  • Live Performance: Can be used in live setups with a MIDI controller and a laptop, providing a versatile and realistic bass guitar sound.
  • Sound Design: Useful for sound designers looking to incorporate the distinct tones of a 5-string bass into their projects.
  • Educational Use: A valuable tool for students and educators learning about bass guitar techniques and digital music production.

System Requirements

  • Publisher: Prominy
  • Format: KONTAKT (5.8.1+)
  • Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo
  • Size: 14.22 GB

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