Hidden Path Audio Orchestral Devices: BATTALION

Hidden Path Audio’s Orchestral Devices series has consistently impressed composers and producers with its ability to deliver cinematic and emotive orchestral sounds. With the release of BATTALION for KONTAKT, the series reaches new heights, offering a comprehensive toolkit for creating epic and immersive orchestral soundscapes. 

BATTALION is a symphony of orchestral power, meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of grandeur and majesty. From thunderous percussion to soaring strings and majestic brass, the library offers a comprehensive selection of orchestral instruments and ensembles, recorded with the utmost attention to detail and authenticity. 

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • Software Type: Kontakt Instrument
  • File Format: Kontakt (.nki)
  • Version Compatibility: Compatible with Native Instruments Kontakt Player or full version (version varies depending on the release)
  • Content: BATTALION is an orchestral percussion library designed to provide dynamic and powerful percussion sounds for cinematic music production.

System Requirements:

  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo processor or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 4 GB RAM minimum (8 GB recommended)
  • Kontakt Version: Native Instruments Kontakt (version varies depending on the release)
  • Additional Requirements: A compatible digital audio workstation (DAW) with support for VST, AU, or AAX plugin formats, depending on your system and DAW preference

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