Black Salt Audio Silencer v1.1.1 VST3, AAX x64

Black Salt Audio Silencer v1.1.1 VST3, AAX x64

Where Cymbals Go to Die Cymbal flooding is the enemy of great drum mixes.Traditional gates can only help so much that the gate itself becomes obvious.
Silencer is the ultimate solution to eliminating cymbal bleeding and maintaining the integrity of your original sound.
It’s not just a gate… It will change the way you mix drums forever.

✔️ Key Features
Unique De-Bleed circuitry, not found in conventional gates, provides accurate and natural gating across the entire frequency spectrum.
Several preset drum modes ensure instant adaptation to any audio material.
The DeBleed circuit is carefully tuned by ear, delivering natural high-frequency sound that fits easily into any mix.
Mode-dependent lookahead behavior ensures that no transient click or attack goes undetected.
Fine-tuning the Gate Decay curve provides natural decay for drums of any length.
Ghost Note toggle for easy automation, allowing ghost notes to pass even if they are below the threshold.
An accurate waveform visualizer that provides clear visual context for setting the gating threshold for each mode, allowing you to make quick decisions in the mix.
Sidechain support allows the plugin to respond to inputs from a variety of sidechain sources, opening up a world of mixing flexibility and creativity.
The user-adjustable Reduction value allows you to either completely attenuate the gated material or mix it down to achieve the desired sound.

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