Audidict Soundstorm Vol. 2 Cyberpunk (KONTAKT)

Audidict Soundstorm Vol. 2 Cyberpunk for Kontakt emerges as an essential tool for composers, producers, and sound designers seeking to immerse their audiences in the dystopian landscapes of cyberpunk worlds. With its meticulously crafted soundscapes, futuristic textures, and versatile controls, Soundstorm Vol. 2 Cyberpunk offers a wealth of sonic inspiration for creating evocative soundtracks, cinematic atmospheres, and immersive sound design elements.

At the heart of Soundstorm Vol. 2 Cyberpunk lies a rich collection of futuristic soundscapes and textures meticulously designed to evoke the dark, gritty, and atmospheric aesthetic of cyberpunk worlds. From pulsating synths and ominous drones to industrial machinery and glitchy electronics, the library offers a diverse palette of sonic elements that capture the essence of cyberpunk environments with stunning realism and detail.


  • Cyberpunk Atmospheres: Expect a collection of atmospheric sounds, textures, and ambiences characteristic of cyberpunk environments. These may include futuristic cityscapes, dystopian landscapes, technological sounds, and more.
  • Sound Effects: The library may include a variety of sound effects suitable for cyberpunk-themed music and audio production. This could encompass impacts, glitches, electronic noises, robotic voices, alarms, and other futuristic elements.
  • Synth Instruments: Soundstorm Vol. 2 Cyberpunk may offer synthesized instruments and presets designed to evoke the sonic aesthetic of cyberpunk music and soundtracks. These instruments could include basses, leads, pads, sequences, and more.
  • Customization Options: Look for controls and parameters within Kontakt’s interface that allow you to shape and manipulate the sounds to fit your creative vision. This might include options for filtering, modulation, effects processing, and more.

System Requirements:

  • Publisher : Audidict
  • Format : KONTAKT (Full 5+, Add Files)
  • Quality : 24 bit 44 kHz stereo
  • Size : 7.56 GB

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