Wrongtools Ambient Clavinets (KONTAKT)

Wrongtools Ambient Clavinets (KONTAKT)

Ambient clavinet sounds shaped into different shapes and arranged into a large collection of textured movements.
This is a non-standard KONTAKT library that takes a different approach to clavinet. The library offers a wide variety of samples, ranging from ghostly drones to shimmering wildflies.

The strings were set in motion using external objects. For example, bow hair, e-bow, spinning small fan, electric toothbrush, needles, etc. Made using Hohner Clavinets D6 and E7 as the main instruments, in addition to hardware effects, bows, a variety of amplifiers to create a multi-layered and rich sound.


  • A collection of ambient and experimental clavinet sounds.
  • Designed to provide rich textures and unique tones.
  • Meticulously recorded samples to capture the essence of the clavinet.
  • Multiple velocity layers and round robins for realistic performance.
  • Extensive sound shaping tools including filters, envelopes, and modulation.
  • Built-in effects such as reverb, delay, chorus, and more for added depth and ambience.
  • Ability to layer different sounds to create complex textures.
  • Morphing controls to blend between sounds seamlessly.
  • Intuitive interface designed for easy navigation and sound customization.
  • Clear and accessible controls for tweaking and shaping sounds.
  • A variety of presets covering different ambient and cinematic styles.
  • Users can save and recall their custom presets.
  • Key switches, mod wheel assignments, and other performance controls for expressive playing.
  • Real-time control over parameters for dynamic sound manipulation.

System Requirements:

  • Publisher : Wrongtools
  • Format : Kontakt 6.7.1+
  • Quality : 24 bit 48 kHz stereo
  • Size : 3.55 GB

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